• Professsor Mark Cook

    Institute Director, Graeme Clark Institute


    Dr Jia-Yee Lee

    Director, Industry Engagement, Graeme Clark Institute


    Luan Ismahil

    Director, Convergence Science Networks

Research Program Program Leaders Contact
Neuro-electronics therapy and bionics Professor Mark Cook
Professor David Grayden
Personalised implants Professor Peter Lee
Robotic neuroprosthesis Assoc. Prof. Denny Oetomo
Professor Peter Choong
Assistive and rehabilitation robtics Assoc. Prof. Denny Oetomo
Professor Mary Galea
Computational modeling for cardiovascular disease Professor Peter Barlis
Professor Andrew Ooi
Drug-screening technologies and mechano-pharmacology Professor Alastair Stewart
Professor Peter Lee
Nano-materials and drug-delivery systems Professor Frank Caruso
Polymeric drugs for combating anti-microbial resistance Professor Greg Qiao
Assoc. Prof. Neil O’Brien-Simpson
Biomedical Imaging Technologies Assoc. Prof. Leigh Johnston
Fluid dynamic modelling for pharmaceutical manufacturing Professor Dalton Harvie
Professor David Dunstan
Synthetic biology approaches to designer-stem-cell-based therapies Dr Vijay Rajagopal
Systems biology Professor Edmund Crampin
Biomaterials, bio-fabrication and regenerative medicine Associate Professor Andrea O’Connor
Technologies for the management of Parkinson’s Disease Professor Malcolm Horne