Associate Professor Denny Oetomo

  • Room: Level: 02 Room: E206
  • Building: Mechanical Engineering
  • Campus: Parkville

Research interests

  • Robotics
  • Robotics in Biomedical Applications

Personal webpage


I am an associate professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at The University of Melbourne. I am currently the deputy head (engagement) of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and assistant dean (communications) of the Melbourne School of Engineering.
For information on my work, please go here. I graduated B.Eng (hons 1) from the Australian National University in Nov 1997 and completed his PhD (Mechanical Engineering - Robotics) at the National University of Singapore (2004). I was a Research Fellow with the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Monash University (2004-2006), a Post-doctoral Fellow in a European Union Project at INRIA Sophia-Antipolis, France (Nov 2006 - Jan 2008), and a fixed-term lecturer with the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Monash University (2006-2007). I joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Melbourne in Jan 2008.

Main area of research is in robotics and its applications. In recent years, I have focused my research in the area of robotics in medical and clinical applications.
I was the recipient of a recipient of the Cornelius Regan Trust Award in 2012 on effective large class learning program and the Norman Curry Award for Innovation and Excellence in Educational Programs in 2014 for innovation and excellence in the Formulae SAE program at the University of Melbourne

Recent publications

  1. Eden J, Song C, Tan Y, Oetomo D, Lau D. CASPR-ROS: A generalised cable robot software in ROS for hardware. Mechanisms and Machine Science. 2018, Vol. 53.
  2. Mokhtarzadeh H, Yeow CH, Goh JCH, Oetomo D, Ewing K, Lee P. Antagonist muscle co-contraction during a double-leg landing maneuver at two heights. Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering. Gordon Breach Publishing. 2017.
  3. Zhou SH, Tan Y, Oetomo D, Freeman C, Burdet E, Mareels I. Modeling of Endpoint Feedback Learning Implemented Through Point-to-Point Learning Control. IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology. IEEE Control Systems Society. 2017, Vol. 25, Issue 5.
  4. LjeŠnjanin M, Tan Y, Oetomo D, Freeman CT. Spatial Iterative Learning Control: Systems with input saturation. Proceedings of the American Control Conference. 2017.
  5. Malekipour F, Oetomo D, Lee P. Subchondral bone microarchitecture and failure mechanism under compression: A finite element study. JOURNAL OF BIOMECHANICS. Pergamon. 2017, Vol. 55.
  6. Eden J, Lau D, Tan Y, Oetomo D. Available acceleration set for the study of motion capabilities for cable-driven robots. MECHANISM AND MACHINE THEORY. Pergamon. 2016, Vol. 105.
  7. Lei M, Oetomo D. Cable wrapping phenomenon in cable-driven parallel manipulators. Journal of Robotics and Mechatronics. 2016, Vol. 28, Issue 3.
  8. Van Lith M, Fong J, Crocher V, Tan Y, Mareels I, Oetomo D. Calibration Free Upper Limb Joint Motion Estimation Algorithm with Wearable Sensors. 14th International Conference on Control, Automation, Robotics and Vision (ICARCV). IEEE. 2016.
  9. Lau D, Eden J, Tan Y, Oetomo D. CASPR: A Comprehensive Cable-Robot Analysis and Simulation Platform for the Research of Cable-Driven Parallel Robots. 2016 IEEE/RSJ INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INTELLIGENT ROBOTS AND SYSTEMS (IROS 2016). IEEE. 2016, Vol. 2016-November.
  10. Lau D, Oetomo D. Conditions on the Cable-Routing Matrix for Wrench Closure of Multilink Cable-Driven Manipulators. JOURNAL OF MECHANICAL DESIGN. Amercian Society of Mechanical Engineering. 2016, Vol. 138, Issue 3.
  11. Malekipour F, Oetomo D, Lee P. Equine subchondral bone failure threshold under impact compression applied through articular cartilage. JOURNAL OF BIOMECHANICS. Pergamon. 2016, Vol. 49, Issue 10.
  12. Zhou S, Fong J, Crocher V, Tan Y, Oetomo D, Mareels I. Learning control in robot-assisted rehabilitation of motor skills – a review. Journal of Control and Decision. 2016, Vol. 3, Issue 1.
  13. Leong F, Garbin N, Natali CD, Mohammadi A, Thiruchelvam D, Oetomo D, Valdastri P. Magnetic surgical instruments for robotic abdominal surgery. IEEE Reviews in Biomedical Engineering. 2016, Vol. 9.
  14. Mohammadi A, Mareels T, Oetomo D. Model Predictive Motion Control of Autonomous Forklift Vehicles with Dynamics Balance Constraint. 14th International Conference on Control, Automation, Robotics and Vision (ICARCV). IEEE. 2016.
  15. Eden J, Tan Y, Lau D, Oetomo D. On the positive output controllability of linear time invariant systems. AUTOMATICA. Pergamon-Elsevier Science. 2016, Vol. 71.

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