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Message from the director

Professor David Nisbet, Director at the Graeme Clark Institute. Image courtesy of Jamie Kidston, ANU

Professor David Nisbet

David Nisbet is a Professor of Translational Biomedical Engineering at the University of Melbourne. He is the Director of the Graeme Clark Institute and the Head of the Laboratory of Advanced Biomaterials. Dave joined the University of Melbourne after completing his Ph.D. at Monash University and Postdoctoral Fulbright Scholarship at the University of California, Berkeley. He then spent 10 years at the ANU, most recently as a jointly appointed Professor within the John Curtin School of Medical Research and the Research School of Chemistry. He is passionate about developing advanced biomaterials that are used to both mimic native cellular microenvironments and provide a platform for the targeted delivery of therapeutic molecules for regenerative medicine and tissue engineering.

His vision for the Graeme Clark Institute is “to transform healthcare with biomedical engineering solutions that deliver global health, societal and economic benefits”. This will be possible by the continued development of the multi-disciplinary Medtech ecosystem existing within the Parkville precinct and the University of Melbourne. In particular, the Graeme Clark Institute will bridge the translational gulf through direct “from patent to patient” developmental pipelines that incorporates clinical need into all aspects of MedTech product design, development, translation, and application.

Being positioned at the University of Melbourne and the Parkville Biomedical precinct offers a huge depth of biological science and engineering expertise within the Graeme Clark membership, making it possible for us to deliver new high impact technologies that solve long-standing health issues that are underserved by existing technologies – Professor Nisbet

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