The Graeme Clark Institute partners with healthcare and research organisations, industry and government to solve today’s challenges and develop new technologies for tomorrow. We work with our partners to translate research into innovations that leads to improved health outcomes.

From Patent to Patient - Research will not help the community if it does not leave the lab!

Professor David Nisbet, GCI Director

Engagement with researchers from industry partners, clinical hospitals and other institutions will help us continue to translate scientific discoveries and harness the power of research within The University of Melbourne. We expect that these multidisciplinary collaborations will lead to a multitude of outcomes, starting from more traditional scientific discoveries to more rarely generated industrial outputs such as start-up companies and national leadership in outreach and think-tank activities in the biomedical and medical technology sectors. Please join us in our vision to bioengineer a better world!

Good Research Should Excite the Mind and Lead to Community Benefits.

Emeritus Professor Graeme Clark AC

The Graeme Clark Institute is providing excitement and community benefit while enabling individuals and organizations to share in the achievements. It is modelled on the success we had with a multi-disciplinary approach to creating the multi-channel cochlear implant (bionic ear) the first restoration of a human sense and means of developing spoken language in a deaf child. It is also supported by a world class university with an enviable track record. Furthermore, research in biomedical engineering is one of the last great frontiers in medicine. But the Institute needs more financial resources to achieve these objectives as quickly as possible and welcomes the generosity of donors.